BPAB is powered by passionate entrepreneurs with decades of experience in production, product development, project management and sales. 


Kristian Vidfar is our market-driven CEO with attention to quality in every detail. Kristian holds a Master of Science from the University of Göteborg and an MBA from CBS/INSEAD. He has many years of experience in the export sales of technology systems, particularly in the marine/offshore sectors. 


Ulf Larsson is our dedicated sales manager fondly taking care of our clients and performing market research especially within the anti-icing segments. Ulf holds a MSc of Engineering and has a long and wide experience in B2B sales and analytics.


Bo Nordquist is our creative and responsive production manager with a good sense of market requirements. Bosse is a versatile inventor and engineer with specialization in plastic technology. It is Bosse who developed our manufacturing process for the so-called conductive fiber composite.


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