We care about our environment

As a Swedish company it is almost needless to say that environmental concern is of greatest importance to us.

It is guaranteed that BPAB never deliberately will destroy or adversely affect the environment.

We shall comply with local and international environmental requirements requested by our customers.

We shall avoid materials and methods implying environmental risks in favor of safer alternatives.


Our ambition is to implement our environmental policy to clarify short-and long-term environmental goals, in the design phase, in the implementation/manufacturing phase as well as the maintenance phase.

The short-term environmental objectives must be clear and quantifiable and must comply with the laws and regulations existing in society.

The long-term environmental goals, in all phases, shall strive for minimal environmental impact beyond local and national legislations. We always strive to continually improve our environmental work.


Finished products are generally made with the thermosetting technique which means that they do not leak any toxic material whatsoever into the surroundings.

Scrapped products from BPAB can be handed over to recycling stations which will grind the material after which it can safely be re-used as filling material during e.g. construction works.