Super-durable outdoor furniture and adornments in the form of benches, tables, plate material, welcome signs, fences, etc.

Armored plastics are extremely durable and can be constructed for indoor or outdoor use. Only our limits of imagination that will be the barrier.

Logs, branches and planks. Beautiful debris from the oceans and washed ashore after being shaped by water and weather for a long time.

Driftwood is elegant, have a rustic look and can be used for many purposes. However, most of us does not live close by those places where driftwood can be found, and buying driftwood can be quite expensive. Why not then get your custom made driftwood items from composite manufacturer BPAB?

Build your own driftwood bench or outdoor table. The images shows our manufactured replicas - all hand-made and unique - almost more like perfect driftwood than what can be found on the beach or river bank.

Driftwood bench "Malda"

A classic Swedish "Liars Bench"


In Sweden it is common practice to spend time with friends sitting on a "liars bench", telling jokes, extraordinary stories, or just relaxing  with your face towards the sun-set  (or morning sun). 


Our version of this bench is a beautiful driftwood composite replica - completely maintenance free and very rigid. 

It is a handcrafted piece of work with old fashioned patina - built in high tech material to last for many years. 

"Malda" will be perfect on your patio, lawn, by the sea or outside your winter resort.


It can come with optional features such as tarred hemp rings  at the feet, corroded iron brace and heated surface  - the "cold climate version" creates a comfortable and warm seating also during  cold winter days.  


  • Maintenance free - no need for laquering, oiling, grinding, removing of mold, polish or screwing. 
  • UV-resistant  / weather resistant
  • Resistant against acids, salt, chemicals, etc.
  • Very rigid and sturdy - a heavy duty furniture.
  • A beautiful piece of furniture decorating your surroundings. 
  • Electrical heating as optional extra - a warm welcome for cold evenings...